If you have a college admissions/test prep related question:

A lot of people send me questions about college admissions. I’d love to help as many students and families I can with my limited time.

The best way I’ve figured out is to publish all the advice I give publicly, on my College Q&A Newsletter and this Q&A page. This means when I help one student, I can help thousands.

What this means: if you submit a question, I will publish your question and my answer. I will do my best to anonymize your question, removing all identifying info about your name, email, high school, etc., while still preserving enough info for context. You’ll then get personal advice and you’ll help thousands of other students too.

If you want 100% of the question to remain private, then add “PRIVATE” somewhere on your message. However, these receive the lowest priority and I might not ever get to them.

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