This is the personal webpage of Allen Cheng.

I am currently co-founder at PrepScholar, an educational technology company. We create online SAT prep programs and online ACT prep programs that put the best of a 1-on-1 tutoring experience into an automated platform. Our educational programs understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses and automatically customize their learning programs to be most effective. Our goal is to put high-quality teaching within reach of many more students.

We also believe in providing great educational materials so families around the world can make better educational decisions. We provide a ton of free high-quality guides on high school academics and college admissions at the PrepScholar blog.

I’ve started writing about startups on my personal blog. There’s not much yet, but I hope to add more soon.

I graduated from Harvard College with an AB/AM in 2009, and I withdrew from the MDPhD program at Harvard Medical School and MIT. You can find my thesis work here.