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1-Page Summary of Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man


Steve Harvey is a comedian and radio personality. His book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man explains how men think and what they want in relationships. He gained this insight by interviewing callers on his talk show who wanted advice about their relationships with women. The author promises that by explaining the way men think, he can help women understand them better so they can have successful relationships with men.

Men and women are different. Men want to feel powerful and useful, while women want relationships with men who will take care of them. Women need to be firm about what they expect from a relationship, so that men know where they stand. If women withhold sex for too long, then men will cheat on them or leave the relationship altogether.

In order to create a strong relationship, women need to let men be the providers. Women often work and can take care of themselves, but men still want to feel like they’re important and in control.

Key Takeaways

Men are often driven by success. They want to achieve goals, and then they can focus on relationships. Men show love through actions rather than words or caring gestures.

Men want to fix things.

Men always want to have sex with women, but if they are not getting enough of it, they will cheat. Women must make clear that cheating is unacceptable and establish guidelines for their relationships in order to get men to commit. Men may be less enthusiastic about marriage than women because strong independent women scare them off. Therefore, if a man does not propose to his girlfriend or wife-to-be, she should take control and insist that he do so.

Key Takeaway 1: Men are driven to succeed first. It is only after they are successful that they can focus on relationships.

Men are driven by their desire to impress women. They need financial security and a good job before they can commit themselves to a relationship. Women should understand that men will put their goals first, so it’s important for them not to be too demanding.

According to a study by “Lean In” and the Bain Group, women are less ambitious than men at work. The study surveyed almost 300,000 employees at 118 companies. It found that men became more determined to reach the top of their career ladder over time while women were less so. Similarly, a different study showed that more women wanted to become senior managers when they first started working but this quickly flipped after two years on the job.

A study by Bain & Company found that women’s careers plateau after they have children, and this may be because of workplace bias. The study also showed that women who had families were not any less ambitious as those without families. Instead, the main factor was workplace bias against women. Women in the study felt like their ambition wasn’t rewarded at work, so they lost interest in their careers. Men who are committed to their career may do better than others because of how commitment is rewarded or encouraged in a company.

Boys are taught from an early age that they need to be successful, push themselves and provide for their families. Therefore, men place a lot of importance on careers and financial success. This means relationships take a backseat in their lives. Women tend to put relationships first because they’re not pushed into having high-powered jobs or providing for the family at a young age like men are. These differences can help couples communicate better with each other if both partners understand where the other is coming from.

Key Takeaway 2: Men do not express their love through communication and caring as women do. Instead, men express their love through demonstrations of ownership and control.

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man Book Summary, by Steve Harvey