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Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon (2017) explains how people can achieve their potential by harnessing the power inside themselves. The book outlines principles and practices that help ordinary people improve health, mood, finances, and relationships.

The mind is a powerful tool. It can create matter from energy. The mind has the capacity to cure diseases with positive thoughts and beliefs, but most people don’t do this because they are stuck in their past pain. For example, if someone gets hurt by something that happens today, he might remember his past experiences and feel bad again about them. This makes his body produce stress hormones like adrenaline or cortisol that make him more anxious or stressed out than before. That’s why some people get addicted to those hormones so it’s hard for them to change their ways of thinking.

If you keep living in the past, you will miss out on opportunities for the future. To break this cycle, it is important to first understand how your mind limits what is possible. If you continue doing things that have always worked for you, then you will get more of what has already happened: anxiety, depression and poor health. However, these results are undesirable and feel uncomfortable; therefore they may not seem as safe as staying with what one knows.

Changing a past-focused cycle of being requires tapping into the realm of the unknown. This is done by meditation, which allows us to be in touch with everything that exists and is limitless. By meditating, we can access our brain’s full potential and improve our emotional well-being. As a result, we’ll experience physical health as well as mystical experiences.

A coherent state of being is a desired result. It’s the product of positive emotions and reflects balance in your heart and mind. A coherent brain is high-functioning, which results in increased order in the autonomic nervous system, which governs all systems of the body and operates automatically. In contrast, an incoherent state occurs when you’re under stress for long periods of time.

New experiences occur when the mind and heart are in harmony. These states can be achieved through meditation, which is a way to create positive realities with one’s mind. When people commit to marrying clear intention with emotions like joy, happiness, and compassion, miraculous events can happen. Pain and illnesses will disappear as a result of targeted meditations; an eleventh-hour job offer could turn things around; relationships can improve dramatically; hearing stories of dramatic transformations widens the scope of possibilities for achieving similar changes.

When people are coherent on an individual level, they can affect others and even the world at large. When people experience love and peace, their electromagnetic field is strong enough to influence others in positive ways. The more we understand that we have all the tools within us to achieve our goals and find inner peace, the better off everyone will be.

Key Point 1: Life experiences strengthen neural pathways and generate emotions.

Traumatic experiences are hardwired into the brain. The experience generates negative thoughts and behaviors, which create a neural pathway that can be triggered by similar situations in the future. Positive experiences generate positive emotions and overall health.

Every thought, feeling and experience strengthens the neural pathways in our brain. This is why we often find ourselves repeating similar thoughts, feelings and actions over and over again. We can break this habit by pretending that a situation or problem is brand new to us even if it’s not. Another way is to train your brain to think creatively on a daily basis by coming up with new ideas regardless of whether they’re practical or not. Engaging in experiences you’ve never done before also helps create fresh perspectives since everything new works towards breaking out of negative patterns of thought and emotion.

Becoming Supernatural Book Summary, by Dr. Joe Dispenza