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Overall Summary

In the last book of The Mortal Instruments series, the main antagonists are Sebastian and his alliance with Queen Mab. There is also a switch between Idris and New York. In both locations, Shadowhunters and their allies must face this new threat while dealing with their own personal issues.

The Endarkened attack the Shadowhunter Institutes and the Clave declares an emergency evacuation of all Shadowhunters to Idris. Fifty are sent to fight off twenty Endarkened at the Adamant Citadel, but many are killed in battle. The Iron Sisters help defeat them later on. Meliorn drugs Jocelyn, Luke, Magnus and Raphael with a sleeping potion so they can be handed over to Sebastian’s forces by Matthias as a bargaining chip for Clary and Jace. When the remaining Shadowhunters meet up in Alicante for a council meeting, they discover that their Downworlder allies have been taken hostage by Sebastian’s men who threaten to kill them if Clary and Jace aren’t turned over within two days.

Throughout the series, Jace is having a hard time controlling his heavenly fire. It’s something he has to deal with in every book. In this one, he gets hurt by Sebastian and burns another Shadowhunter. The heavenly fire is also used as a weapon when they go into Edom to save the Downworlders that are being held hostage there. Jace encounters a demon who looks exactly like Magdalena, whom he killed before. He kills her again using his heavenly fire and then turns it on himself because of how much pain it causes him. Clary transfers the heavenly fire into her new sword which Wayland made for them both called Heosphoros (Hesperos).

Back in New York, Maia and Jordan find the headquarters of Praetor Lupus occupied by Endarkened, who have slaughtered many of the werewolves there. Sebastian kills Jordan, but leaves Maia to spread word of the Endarkened’s actions. The slaughter at Praetor Lupus leaves the temporary leadership vacant for a long time until Rufus challenges Bat to fight for it. Though Bat seems like he’ll lose, Maia takes his place and defeats Rufus herself. When she finds out that Sebastian has captured Downworlder representatives, she decides that it is necessary to form an alliance between vampires and werewolves even though they hate each other so much because they’re both being threatened by demons. She tricks her friend into drinking holy water which will kill her if she drinks it (because vampires are allergic) and then allows Lily to take her place as a vampire representative after killing her friend with holy water so no one can tell what happened since everyone hates vampires anyway so no one will care when they die without warning or explanation from anyone else except Maia/Lily who was there when it happened since everyone hated Lily too anyway before this point in time where people would be happy about anything bad happening to either side due to their hatred towards them already existing priorly on record anyways thanks again for reading my book!

As the book draws to a close, Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle and Alec infiltrate Sebastian’s fortress. At the same time as this is happening in Idris (the Shadowhunter headquarters), the Fair Folk have attacked with Endarkened warriors. The Shadowhunters fight back against them while trying to find out what’s happened. They free all of the hostages from Sebastian’s fortress and Clary and Jace confront him about his plans for opening up portals between demon dimensions and Earth so that demons can come through. He asks her to rule Hell by his side but she declines because of their differences in opinion on how things should be run there. She tells him that they’re going to do it together instead – he’ll put his arms around her so that they’re united as one person again (as Jonathan). When he does this she stabs him with Heosphoros which turns him back into Jonathan who apologises profusely for everything he has done under disguise as Sebastian before telling Jace where he can find the Infernal Cup so that it can be destroyed once more thus killing off all remaining Endarkened warriors at once.

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