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1-Page Summary of Daisy Jones and the Six


Daisy Jones & The Six is a rock band formed in the late 1960s. It was founded by Daisy Jones and her lifelong friend Simone Jackson, who encouraged Daisy to pursue music. She began sneaking out at night to see bands on L.A.’s Sunset Strip, where she met Hank Allen, who became her manager and got her into his record label Runner Records.

Meanwhile, brothers Billy and Graham Dunne grew up in Pittsburgh. They played music together in high school and formed a band with Pete Loving, Eddie Loving, Warren Rhodes, Karen Sirko on keyboard and Camila. The band was discovered by Teddy Price who offered them a recording contract.

The Six recorded their first album, but before they could go on tour, Camila told Billy she was pregnant. They got married and had a baby girl named Julia. However, Billy developed serious drug/alcohol problems that even led to cheating on Camila with Daisy Jones (a female singer). When the band returned to the studio for another album, Teddy Price suggested they bring in a woman to sing with Billy. So he brought in Daisy Jones who immediately argued over lyrics but tried to work together anyway.

The band asked Daisy to open for them on tour, and she began using drugs heavily. The lead singer of the band started sleeping with Graham’s wife. Billy and Daisy worked together on making lyrics for their next album, often arguing but also forming a strong bond between each other. Billy was worried about her drug use, so he decided to keep his distance from her in order to stay sober himself.

Graham and Karen continued seeing each other, but Karen realized that Graham was in love with her. Meanwhile, Daisy tried to kiss Billy while they were working on lyrics together. Billy refused, so Daisy went away on vacation to Thailand where she met Nicky who was a drug addict like her. The two of them got married and Simone had to fly all the way over there just to bring Daisy back for rehearsal time for tour.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Daisy mentioned Billy’s drug problem. He begged the journalist not to publish it in his article and gave him a different angle instead: he said that he hated Daisy. The article was published and ticket sales skyrocketed because people were excited about the drama between the two singers. They set out on tour buses for each of them, never interacting offstage.

During the tour, Daisy and Billy gradually began talking again. Daisy divorced Nicky and decided to get sober. She went to Billy’s hotel room asking for his help with rehab, but just as he was about to make a phone call, Teddy Price died. Daisy did not go to rehab. Meanwhile, Karen discovered she was pregnant; however, she told Graham that she would be getting an abortion because it wasn’t the right time for her or him in their careers. He asked her if she could think over what they should do next together; however, Karen had already made up her mind and went through with the abortion by herself without telling Graham anything about it afterwards.

A band called Foreigner was playing at the Chicago Stadium in 1979. During the show, Billy and Daisy both realized they had feelings for each other. After the concert, Daisy went to her hotel room and got really drunk, while Billy went to a bar nearby. He ordered a tequila shot, but he was interrupted by a fan who asked him about his family. The fan distracted Billy from drinking by asking him more questions about his family history and then removed the shot glass away from him before leaving. Later on that night, after everyone else had left or gone to bed, Billy returned to his hotel room where he cried because he knew that if he wanted to be with Camila (his wife) forever and remain sober like she wanted him too; it meant having to leave this band which he loved so much even though it would break their hearts as well as those of all their fans around the world who adored them just as much as they did each other! Meanwhile back at Daisy’s hotel room she was stopped in the hallway by Camila who was holding Julia (Daisy’s daughter). Camila told her that Billy could never leave his family which is why she couldn’t have any hope of being with him herself but also said how lucky Daisy was since someone like her deserved better than pining after someone you can never have…and something touched inside of her when she heard these words spoken out loud…so later on she decided enough is enough I’m going into rehab!!! She quit smoking crack cocaine immediately afterwards!! And has been clean ever since!!!

Daisy Jones and the Six Book Summary, by Taylor Jenkins Reid