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1-Page Summary of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The story begins with a description of the Riddle family, who was killed in their home fifty years before. Their groundsman, Frank Bryce, was accused and later declared innocent. Now an old man named Frank Bryce, he wakes up one night to see a light in the window of the abandoned Riddle House. He goes to investigate and overhears Voldemort planning to kill Harry Potter. Voldemort takes note of him and kills him on the spot. Harry Potter wakes up with pain in his scar from where Voldemort gave it to him when they fought five years ago at Privet Drive (the first book). He worries that Voldemort is nearby because he can feel that something bad is going to happen soon; therefore, he writes a letter to Sirius Black about what’s happening with his scar hurting again (because it happened when Lord Voldemort was close by).

The next day, Harry’s uncle Vernon gets a letter from the Weasley family inviting Harry to go with them to watch the Quidditch World Cup. The Dursleys reluctantly agree to let him go. The following morning, the Weasleys arrive in their fireplace and pick up Harry. On their way out of the house, Fred and George leave some candy for Dudley that causes his tongue to swell up when he eats it. The Dursleys panic and throw things at Mr. Weasley as they exit through the fireplace.

The next day, the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione head to the Quidditch World Cup. They use a portkey, which is basically a device that transports them from one place to another. The same thing happens with Cedric Diggory and his dad. When they get there, they pitch their tent. Soon after that Mr. Crouch arrives and causes quite a commotion for Percy Weasley (his son). Before leaving however they mention something mysterious at Hogwarts (Harry’s school) before leaving again. After buying souvenirs, Harry goes up to the Top Box where he meets Winky who has saved him a seat for her master Barty Crouch Jr., who she thinks is very important because of his job as an international judge in the game later on in the book.

The night after the game, Voldemort’s supporters attack and torture four Muggles. Harry, Hermione and Ron escape by fleeing into the woods. They discover that Harry’s wand is missing. Moments later someone fires the Dark Mark using his or her wand. Winky (the house-elf) was found holding a wand at the scene of the crime, causing mayhem at Ministry of Magic headquarters all week long.

Ron receives a hand-me-down robe from his mother and is upset. Amos Diggory brings news that an intruder was found at the house of Mad-Eye Moody, who attacked him. Mr. Weasley runs to the Ministry to sort everything out while Ron, Harry, and Hermione take taxis to the train station where they board the Hogwarts Express train for their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Upon arriving there, after sorting into houses during Sorting ceremony in the Great Hall (which they were late for due to a mishap with Harry’s owl) Dumbledore announces that this year’s Triwizard Tournament will be held at Hogwarts between schools as well as appointing Mad-Eye Moody as Defense Against The Dark Arts professor replacing Lupin who resigned midyear last term after being exposed by Snape as a werewolf.

Moody is a teacher who teaches students how to defend themselves against the Dark Arts. He turned Malfoy into a ferret for trying to attack Harry when his back was turned. In class, Moody taught students about three curses that are unforgivable: Imperius, Cruciatus, and Avada Kedavra (the curse that killed Harry’s parents). Meanwhile, Hermione started an organization advocating freeing house-elves from slavery; she asked Harry and Ron to wear badges in support of her cause. As Defense Against the Dark Arts progressed, Harry learned to successfully ward off the Imperius Curse.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book Summary, by J.K. Rowling