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The author of Love Warrior, Glennon Doyle Melton, wrote a book about her struggles with addiction and bulimia. She has opened up in the past about how she used to drink too much alcohol and binge eat. In this book, she talks about how her husband cheated on her for years while they were married. The marriage ended when it was revealed that he had been cheating on her all along. Now sober, Melton finds herself struggling with depression as a result of the end of her marriage and the loss of love from someone who meant everything to her.

The book opens as Melton describes her wedding day. She remembers thinking about how being married to Craig would make her a better person. After a tumultuous childhood plagued with body image issues and disordered eating, Melton turns to alcohol to soothe her troubled mind. By the time she’s in college, she is drinking heavily because of past problems with body image and eating disorders.

Melton meets her husband, Craig, at this time. She also decides to get sober and goes to AA meetings for help.

Melton: I met my future husband when I was 19 years old. We dated for a while before getting married and having our first child together. My family threatened that if I continued drinking they would not be involved in my life anymore because of the damage it was causing me and my family members. After going through several pregnancies, Melton finally got sober after she had an abortion due to depression caused by alcoholism. Her sister took her to her first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where she decided to make changes in her life and quit drinking alcohol altogether.

Melton tells Craig that she is pregnant with their second child, and they decide to get married. Melton tries to act like a housewife by watching TV commercials with housewives in them and trying to mimic what they do. Shortly thereafter, Melton gives birth to a healthy baby boy whom they name Chase. As Chase grows older, he develops differently from other boys his age—he’s more sensitive than most kids are at that stage of development. He also doesn’t seem interested in sports or cars the way other boys his age are; instead, he shows an interest in art and music. This causes some tension between him and Craig because Craig only seems interested in connecting through sex; however, this is something that Melton can’t get into as much as her husband wants it (she finds it boring). She does her best to humor her husband even though she isn’t really into it (it makes her feel disgusted), but she insists on keeping all pornography out of the home so there will be no temptation for either one of them when they’re together alone at home.

Melton and Craig have two more children, daughters Amma and Tish. Melton becomes a stay-at-home mom while Craig works at his law firm. She is exhausted from raising her kids on her own, so she begins to write about the experience online for support. Her posts are well received by readers who find them relatable and inspiring. The blog helps her feel like part of a community again, which gives her a sense of belonging that she has been missing since becoming a mother.

Craig downloads pornography on the family computer, and his wife confronts him about it. He admits to more than just that; he has been sleeping with other women as well. Shocked at this revelation, Melton tells Craig to leave their home and considers how she would tell her children about their divorce. Her sister comes over to help take care of them while Melton thinks things through.

By Christmas, Melton has decided to file for divorce. When she tells Craig, he is distraught and tries to win her back. However, Melton instead focuses on herself by going to therapy and yoga classes where she realizes the importance of physical grounding as well as emotional stability. She comes to understand that her fear of loneliness has held her back in many ways throughout life.

Love Warrior Book Summary, by Glennon Doyle

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