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As a creative person, you will always be dependent on others. Therefore, treat everyone you meet as if they can get you in the New York Times – because they might. You never know when someone might help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Everyone wants to be remembered for something. Even if you’re not the next Steve Jobs, you still want a lasting legacy that people will appreciate and remember long after your death. The best way to do this is by creating something. Of course, it has to be great; otherwise, no one will care about it or remember it.

In a world that values newness, how can you make your product stand out? How can you ensure that it will continue to sell even after the novelty wears off? The following tips will help you. You’ll learn about all the steps involved in creating a successful product: from coming up with an idea for something new to keeping your product relevant and competitive over time.

In addition, you’ll discover what has to do with music being played from a car and how it can help provide continual success. You also learn about YouTube and its connection to an insurance mailing list.

Big Idea #1: Creating a perennial seller requires hard work. A great idea alone won’t get you very far.

You know that old saying, “80% of product success is marketing”? That’s a bunch of baloney.

If you want to create a product that will be a perennial seller, you need to put in the work. Marketing is not magic; your creation has to be good from the start. You must do all of the hard work when creating it.

Microsoft knows that great products don’t always sell themselves. It has released some poorly-received products in the past, hoping that it could fix them with marketing strategies. Just look at its failed MP3 player, Zune, or its poor search engine, Bing.

The Microsoft Office has been around for more than 25 years and is a classic. It’s also gotten better with time, making it one of the most popular software programs in history.

However, if you want to market a product, you’ll need to design and develop it first. Just having ideas won’t get the job done.

A lot of people talk about being writers, but not many actually write anything. It’s one thing to have an idea for a story or concept, and another thing to actually start writing it.

Ideas alone are worthless. Comedian and writer Sarah Silverman says that you need to just start writing. So, what does it take to turn an idea into something real? What kind of hard work is involved in making ideas come alive? Let’s find out now.

Big Idea #2: Motivation and dedication are important to success in the arts.

There are many people who say they would like to play professional football. However, it’s not enough to just want something because you think it will be fun. You need a concrete reason for wanting to do something and the motivation that comes from having a compelling goal.

The same goes for creative work. A strong sense of purpose will help you succeed in your endeavors. If you have a purpose that’s important to you, then no matter how many obstacles stand in your way, you’ll keep pushing forward because the importance of your goal will give you motivation to overcome them.

It’s true that there are other situations that may drive you and inspire your sense of purpose. For example, if you or your family is in a desperate situation where survival depends on your success, it can motivate you to do great things. It’s important to understand that desperation can be extremely galvanizing. You’ll need sacrifices to succeed, but the trade-off will be worth it!

Perennial Seller Book Summary, by Ryan Holiday