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1-Page Summary of The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Up in Smoke

Smoking is very bad for your health. It causes many serious diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. It’s expensive too, since smokers spend hundreds of dollars per year on cigarettes. Despite the dire consequences of smoking and the high cost, most people continue to smoke because they fear quitting will be difficult. They think that life without cigarettes would be boring or painful.

In reality, smokers who quit aren’t giving up anything. They’re just giving up their addiction to nicotine and the misconceptions that they enjoyed smoking. Smokers need to ask themselves why they smoke and whether it’s truly enjoyable. People huddled outside an office building during a coffee break do not appear to be enjoying themselves; rather, they are feeding their addictions by lighting little pieces of paper on fire in order to draw poisonous substances into their lungs. This is actually quite insane because these people know that what they’re doing is harmful and yet continue anyway for two main reasons: nicotine addiction and brainwashing.

A Powerful Drug

Nicotine is a colorless drug that acts more rapidly than heroin. Getting hooked on it is easy because every puff sends a dose of the drug to your brain, but quickly leaves your body, causing a craving that can only be relieved by smoking another cigarette. Smokers mistakenly believe that nicotine withdrawal causes physical pain; however, it doesn’t. Heroin addicts actually experience genuine pain and need their fixes to feel normal – not high. Smokers need nicotine fixes to satisfy their addiction.

It’s ironic that when smokers smoke their first cigarette, they get really sick. It’s also hard to take in the drug because it tastes so bad and you feel dizzy. However, some people don’t like the feeling of smoking a cigarette and never try it again. People who do continue with smoking eventually become addicted to nicotine after three weeks of smoking cigarettes.

Your Mind is Powerful, Too

Over the years, there have been many messages about tobacco that have made people think it’s a good thing to smoke. Although cigarette advertising is banned on television in America, there are still billboards and magazines with ads for cigarettes. Big Tobacco companies sponsor auto racing and other sports because they know that will get their name out there.

In the past, actors and actresses made smoking look sexy. Posters of Humphrey Bogart with a cigarette in his mouth are still famous today. The classic image of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz was them smoking on television. Ads for cigarettes suggested that every guy wanted to be a rugged cowboy who smoked cigarettes.

The tobacco industry has been brainwashing people to smoke for a long time. They have managed to convince millions of people that smoking is an essential part of life, and they continue to do so even after the health risks are made public. The industry convinces smokers that it helps calm their nerves, thus making quitting extremely difficult.

The bottom line is that smokers think they’re missing out on important things in life. However, it’s actually nonsmokers who are sacrificing good health, longevity, vitality and harmony every time they light up a cigarette.

Hardly Relaxing

Smoking doesn’t solve problems. It creates them. For example, smokers mistakenly believe that a cigarette is the ideal way to cap off an amazing meal. But while others sit back and relax after their food and drink, the smoker becomes restless. Something’s missing—a nicotine fix!

When smokers are down to their last cigarettes, they’re probably very stressed out. They have to go buy more because they can’t live without the nicotine in those cigarettes. Frequently, people who smoke can’t fully enjoy movies or religious services because it’s prohibited to smoke inside. As a result, these people interrupt visits with friends and relatives by stepping outside for a cigarette break.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book Summary, by Allen Carr

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