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1-Page Summary of The Purpose Driven Life


The Purpose Driven Life is a book that teaches people how to achieve spiritual growth by following Christian values. It tells them to think of the world as temporary and prepare for life in heaven, where they will be with God. We were made in God’s image and are meant to share his love with others.

There are five purposes for life. The first is to fulfill God’s pleasure by doing what we were made to do and performing those acts as a form of worship.

The first purpose of life is to be a member of God’s family. Christians should form communities, in order to grow and learn together. The second purpose is to become like Jesus Christ. People go through trials and difficulties so that they can learn the lessons necessary for fulfilling their purposes. Fulfilling the second purpose also requires following biblical teachings; furthermore, people need to determine how they will serve, based on what gifts, passions, abilities or personality traits they have been given by God. The third purpose is service—how people serve depends on their spiritual gifts (or talents), as well as their experiences and personalities. The fourth purpose of life is having a mission: discovering one’s role in God’s plan for introducing non-believers into Christianity (i.e., evangelizing). In order to fulfill this mission successfully, believers must recite their testimonies openly while considering who else could benefit from hearing about Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, there are two risks which distance someone from God: envy and focusing too much attention on pleasing other people rather than serving them.

The Purpose Driven Life is a book that was written to be read over the course of 42 days. It’s supplemented with videos, audio, and online community access.

Key Takeaways

Everything was made by God for his purpose. Life is temporary, and it’s a test to see if we’re worthy of eternal life. We should use our talents to bring pleasure to God through everything we do, worship him in every action, trust him completely, and surrender ourselves to his will. If we cultivate a relationship with him through honesty and complete commitment, he’ll be pleased with us.

The main purpose of every Christian is to be a member of the church. This means that they should spend time in fellowship with other Christians and develop their spiritual lives together. The second purpose is for every Christian to become like Christ through learning God’s word and applying it to their lives. Satan sends temptations, but God uses them as lessons for Christians so that they can learn how to live according to His will. The third purpose is that people were created by God and have gifts, passions, abilities, personality types, experiences which are used in service of Him

God’s servants are humble, act as stewards of his resources, and see their weaknesses as opportunities for him to help them. Every Christian has a mission to introduce unbelievers to Jesus. Executing the mission requires a global perspective and a Life Message that includes testimony, life lessons, passions, and the Good News (the Gospel). None of these purposes is more important than others. A Life Purpose Statement guides Christians toward their priorities and skills so they can accomplish God’s goals for them in this world. However envy or wanting everyone else but God to be pleased with you obstructs your pursuit of your purpose because it draws attention away from God towards yourself.

Key Takeaway 1: Everything was made by God for his purpose. Life is a temporary assignment and a test for the greater responsibilities given to those granted eternal life.

The Purpose Driven Life Book Summary, by Rick Warren

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