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It’s a well-known phenomenon that when a nice guy asks out a girl, she rejects him for someone who’s not so nice. It’s easy to chalk it up to luck or looks, but what if it has more to do with his attitude? In The Rational Male (2013), the author explains why women go for jerks and how men can succeed by using their natural traits.

The Game is a term used in the pick-up artist community and on related online message boards to describe the interactions between men and women that lead to either sex or rejection. The ideology of The Game acknowledges an often denied fact: that men and women are complementary, yet different. When men interact with women, they usually are thinking about getting them into bed; however, when women interact with men, they want stability (companionship). Men resist this at first because they have been conditioned by society to prioritize what’s best for their partner over themselves.

During the 1960s and 1970s, social norms changed. Some women started to demand that men express their feminine side while still exuding masculine energy when necessary. Women wanted men to be able to switch back and forth from masculine roles to feminine ones without being told what role they were supposed to play in any given situation. Men have found new ways of communicating with each other on the internet about how difficult it is for them as a result of these changes in social norms.

The animal kingdom can be used as an analogy for why some men are more attractive to women than others. Some animals have a single leader of the group, and that leader is usually more dominant over all the females in the group. Other males may not be able to challenge that alpha or haven’t figured out how to do so yet.

Alpha males are usually defined as the dominant male in a pack. They’re typically strong and confident, which allows them to easily attract women. However, they’re also charming and interesting enough that women would want to be with them even if they weren’t so powerful. Betas are less confident than alphas, but still have an air of confidence about them that allows them to get women’s attention. Women like betas because they don’t seem desperate for female attention; however, this is due to their lack of self-confidence rather than genuine indifference toward women.

Being an alpha or a beta is not fixed. It’s a mindset that can be achieved with practice, and some people are alphas in certain areas of their life but betas in others. Men who want to be successful should learn how to become alphas everywhere they go. They’ll need to unplug from the feminized social programming that teaches men to act like betas around women, which makes them unattractive and unsuccessful at dating and relationships. Once men realize that it’s natural for them to date multiple women at once instead of focusing on one woman, they won’t have unrealistic expectations about finding ‘the one’.

Key Point 1: Women are driven by the persistent desire to seek out superior male partners.

Men and women are biologically driven to do different things. Men want as many children as possible, while women want a man who can provide for them. Women often don’t realize this subconscious drive, but it is the reason why they do what they do. Even if a woman gets married or has kids with someone else, she might leave him in favor of someone better looking or richer than her husband/boyfriend. Although men may be hurt by their wife’s behavior, it is not uncommon for a woman to pursue hypergamy over loyalty.

Sometimes, a woman’s need for higher-quality genes doesn’t make her want to leave her partner. Instead, it may drive her to seek out men who are perceived as having better looks or physical abilities than the man she’s with. In addition to securing safety and health for herself and her children, a woman wants to give birth to the strongest possible children. She may cheat on one man while still staying with another because that allows her access to an alpha male without losing support from someone else.

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